When you mention the word free, everyone develops an excitement. No one hates a free thing. If you offer free rides in your company, or even free products and announce it to the public, of course, people will line up behind your counter to grasp the moment. In simple language free is a darling of every human. In the virtual world, nothing changes.

Free web hosting is essential at a time. For instance, you want to sell your product online or inform people about specific issues without spending more cost. So, in such a situation hosting your domain for free will be your best option. Read more about how to securely host your own website.

But not only hosting a preferable. Here are the top four free web hosting providers that will never disappoint:


If your coding skills are historical or never attended a coding class, Wix.com is your best choice. Here. You get drag and drop features that help you to come up with a unique webpage for your product. The features are robust and easy to set up. However, it is a disappointment for those seeking to upload videos and other apps. It has a limited storage of 500MB and the same size of bandwidth. Hence, with this storage, it is hard to host videos. Nevertheless, the ease of setting up and the attractive features not forgetting its SEO optimization makes Wix.com a go-for host for online newbies.


The next free web hosting provider is weebly.com. This platform is one of the brilliant and modernized website builders. The platform favors both people with coding skills and those without the knowledge. It offers free templates that you can use on your site. Also, if you are a guru in coding, you can develop your theme through editing HTML and CSS codes. Also, you can integrate it with Google AdSense or other monetization platforms. As such, you start making cash without spending any dime on hosting. Also, you do not have to worry about unnecessary ads on your site. The only ads that can appear on your site are the one you are charging some dime. This means that Weebly.com free hosting option is ads free. However, if your dream is to sell online, Weebly.com is not the way to go. Unless you upgrade to a paid option, the free web hosting does not offer e-commerce store.


000webhost.com is an excellent hosting option for you if you are looking on to establish a small or a medium project. Unlike other free hosting providers, this provider offers you all privileges of a standard paid hosting.

Here, you can build your site using the major coding languages; you get up to 5 email accounts and unlimited free domain hosting. Also, the platform supports your mission through offering SEO analysis tools and website statistics.

Fundamentally, with this hosting, you no longer worry about the security of the file you share. The platform offers you free SSL certificate to ensure secure file sharing. Hence, if you have a medium or a small project seeking to launch online, do not hesitate as 000webhost.com is your option. Nevertheless, with the free web hosting option, you get a long URL which will be hard for your target audience.


Being in existence for ten years, this web hosting provider boasts about providing the best and stable free hosting service to their clients. True to their word, the platform integrates reasonably with web builders such as WordPress. Also, with the option, you can fulfill your dream of selling online as it integrates well with Magento- a leading e-commerce platform. Apart from these benefits, the platform comes with over 150 templates and a community support of over 750000 members plus a robust and dynamic cPanel. With this information, you do not have a reason for failing to get a space in the virtual world. In fact, you can see, you do not have to spend a dime to actualize your online presence dreams.