Registering a domain name is a task that is very important, but also very daunting for most people and a lot of the time, people are concerned about the whole process because of its cost. Thankfully, now a days the internet has a lot to offer, and among those things are domain name generators that allow you to register a domain name for free. In this article we will give you four examples of domain name generators that will give you the ability to register a domain name free of charge.


Even though this generator lets you register a domain name for free, it still doesn’t mess around with superfluous elements and functions. This domain name generator has been designed as a tool that is specifically meant to allow you to access and use it in just a matter of seconds. You will also get a handful of top-level domains available for you to use and the site will rank the best purchase options for you based on name, features and price.


This domain name generator is a special one since providing you with a chance to have a domain name generated for you to register for free is not the sites only goal. There is a lot of speculation out there that name generators actually record your searches and then use the data they have collected to purchase certain domain names that they feel they can resell later for a higher price. And although no one can say for sure if this is true or not, NameSmith doesn’t take any chances and offers you the promise that all keywords you use will be safe.


This one is another domain name generator that has a special feature. This generator will actually notify you when a domain name that is currently taken is about to expire, thus giving you the chance to take the domain name and register it, for free. Other than that, the site is pretty straight forward and it only requires you to enter a keyword and then the generator does its job.

Bust a Name

Even though this tool’s design and layout are not the most attractive looking ones out there, you definitely shouldn’t confuse its looks with a lack of results, since this generator offer you so many features that other generators simply do not have and that’s what makes it one of the best generators to help you register a domain name for free.

So, when it comes to generating domain names that you can register for free, these are only a few domain name generators that are available for you, and all you have to do is a bit of research that will help you find the perfect generator for you.


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