Having an online store or website is one of the best things you can do for your business since most people are online every day. But while taking care of the design and content of your website is definitely very important, choosing the right domain name for it is a step that is just as important since the domain name is what your customers will remember your website by. If, however, you are having trouble with this step, here are three tips for you to consider when registering your domain name.

Make it simple and easy

There is nothing that can harm your website like having a domain name that is complicated and difficult to remember. That is why the best advice we can probably give you is to keep your domain name simple and easy to remember when registering it. Try to go for a domain name that is fairly short, we’d say about 15 letters maximum, since anything more than that is just excessive. Another thing you should focus on when registering a domain name is to try not to use any slang and also avoid using words that are difficult to spell.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

This, again is all about making things easy for the customers. If you put a hyphen in your domain name, there is a huge risk that it will cause a lot of confusion amongst customers about where the hyphen should go. The same thing goes for numbers, they have been known to cause a lot of confusion as well since people are often unsure whether the number in question is to be numerical or else written when typing your domain name into a search engine. Because of these things, we would strongly recommend you avoid using hyphens and numbers when you are registering your domain name, unless it is really necessary.

Avoid getting into legal drama

Something that a lot of people forget to do is check the domain name they have settled on before registering it and paying money for it. You should definitely take some time and do some research to see if the domain name you want is trademarked, copyrighted or else being used by another company since all of these things can give you a lot of legal issues, which in turn can cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, if any of these things happen, you might be forbidden from using the domain name you have registered, which means the whole thing would have been a waste of money.

Even though registering a domain name may seem like a daunting task, just following these few simple tips can greatly help you and help you get the perfect domain name. Make sure that it is something creative and unique and that represents your company and brand, and it will for sure be a success.


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