A Domain Name is basically turning an IP Address like into a readable and memorable textual form that will eventually serve a great purpose. The web has so many domain name registers where you can register the URL you want for different prices.

It’s usual practice that when you buy a hosting service – you get a FREE domain name. And that is the only time a domain name can be free. Well, you still pay the hosting service, however, a domain name cannot be free due the ICANN fee that you must pay every year.

We did some research, questioning, analysis and found the most trusted domain name registers for the current year.


One word – Economy. As their name suggest, they are always the ‘cheaper’ option on the market. Not necessarily and not always the cheapest, there are always amazing deals and coupons that you can find online before registering a domain name.

However, Namecheap has a great reputation and customer service – as well as, holds a big chunk of the market when it comes down to domain name registrations. When buying a domain there, you get a bunch of services like parking, forwarding, redirect, dynamic DNS and more.

1 And 1

They are awesome. Buying a domain with 1&1 – means a free 5 page website will be provided in your plan. You get a free Privacy protection with each domain name and extension you buy.


Known by their 0.99$ deals, GoDaddy holds a huge chunk of the web market and it’s usually the first name that rings the bell when it comes to domain name registrations. Same as 1&1, they provide a mini hosting plan that is ‘complimentary’ with the domain name where you can only host a website that is pre-made by them and can’t make it as much custom as you’d like.

They don’t offer a free privacy protection, however, registering more then 5 domain names will get you a free privacy for all of them.


This is the most sophisticated domain name register on the web, as they offer good prices on domain names that are currently taken or are up for an auction. They offer alternative options and generate new domain names if the one you are after is taken – and let’s face it, that Is usually the case.

They have a service called Grabber that will pounce a domain name that is currently on auction and have it registered once it’s available – this will cut you many sleepless night if you really want that domain name.

Have you registered a domain name yet? Let us know about your experience with any of the registers above!


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